Auto Pay and Paperless Billing Options

Get up to a $25 credit on your next bill!

Sign up for Paperless Billing and Auto Pay on your internet service account, and we’ll give you a $25 credit on your next bill. Or sign up for one of these programs and receive a $12.50 credit. Paperless Billing reduces paper clutter, since we email your bill to your inbox each month instead of mailing it. With Auto Pay, we automatically debit your payment from your bank account or charge your credit card on the same day each month, which saves you time.

To get started, sign up for a COTC eBill account at From there, go to the "Auto-Pay" option on the menu at the left to sign up for Auto Pay. To set up Paperless Billing, select "Settings" on the menu at the left, and then click on "General" at the top of the resulting page. The Paperless option is called "Web bill only" and is located in the Invoices Preferences section.

*Offer good until 12/31/23. It applies to new Paperless Billing and Auto Pay signups, on both existing or new internet service accounts. Contact us for details.