Long Distance

Oklahoma-owned service for our Oklahoma neighbors

Central Oklahoma Telephone Co. can bill long distance telephone service for and is a member company of OpticTel, an Oklahoma owned-and-operated long distance provider.

OpticTel features $0.10 per minute long distance 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week from anywhere in the continental U.S. and can also offer money-saving "buckets of minutes" plans in a variety of increments!

Residential Unlimited Calling Plan: $25.00/month
Features and limits: For residential accounts only. Calls are only to the Continental United States. Calls to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada are $0.20/minute. Calls are for voice-type traffic; plan can't be used for long-distance data traffic. No call detail is included on the bill, but it is available for an additional $2.50/month.

Residential Unlimited Calling Plan tariff filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission


SILVER (Residence)

GOLD (Business)

All Direct Dial Calls

$0.10 per minute

Incremental Timing

60 second minimum/6 sec.  

30 second minimum/6 sec.  

800 Service

$0.12 per minute with volume discount
800 Volume Discount
   (applies to 800 usage only)

$25.00-$49.99 = $0.11 per minute
$50.00-$99.99 = $0.10 per minute
$100.00 & over = $0.09 per minute

800 Incremental Timing

60 second minimum/6 sec.  

30 second minimum/6 sec.  

800 Monthly Charge Includes Call Detail  

$3.00 No Monthly Charge

Account Codes


Travel Card

$0.22 per minute

Travel Card Timing

60 second minimum / 60 seconds

Subscription Line Charge

$4.95 for the first line, $2.50 each line thereafter

Call Detail Billing:

$2.50 per month


Buckets of Minutes Plans

Minutes per Month   

Monthly Charge

Additional Minutes Charge

250 $20.00 -- No Line Charge $0.10
500 $37.50 -- No Line Charge $0.08
1000 $70.00 -- No Line Charge $0.08
2000 $130.00 -- No Line Charge $0.07
4000 $240.00 -- No Line Charge $0.06
6000 $345.00 -- No Line Charge    $0.06